Riva Advance High Efficiency Condensing Gas Boiler

Riva Advance High Efficiency Condensing Gas Boiler

The Riva Advance is a state of the art design, high efficiency, condensing 125 MBH wall mounted boiler from Biasi.  Utilizing the newest, electronic reset controls to operate the integrated valve, pump & exhaust system as well as the modulating, pre-mix burner which fires into an ASME Stainless Steel boiler, the Riva Advance achieves a splendid combination of maximum fuel efficiency, outstanding comfort and ease of installation.  Achieving an AFUE rating of 92.5%, makes the RIVA Advance boilers amongst the most efficient available providing:

•  Significant fuel savings
•  Low NOx emissions
•  Superb performance and reliability

The Riva Advance is available in two models.  The Combi model provides both heat and domestic hot water (up to 4.5 gpm) through an instantaneous, flatplate DHW heater.  The SV model provides space heat and has an internal, 3 way diverter valve which can be piped and wired to an indirect DHW tank for efficient domestic water production.


  • 92.5% AFUE
  • ASME Certified Heat Exchanger
  • CSA Approved
  • Output Modulates from 28,800 BTU to 112,500 BTU
  • LCD Display for easy diagnostics


  • Ten Years for Primary Heat Exchanger, Two Years All Remaining Components

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